Modern websites and web apps.

Efficient and elegant web development done with modern, future-proof technologies.

What we do.

Modern and elegant solutions

By focusing entirely on the latest innovations for web development we can provide our customers with modern and elegant solutions.

Static websites and apps

Up to 5x faster static websites and web apps.

JAMstack development

Websites and apps built with Javascript, APIs and Markup.

Future-proofing your business.

Ikium builds future-proof websites and apps with future-proof technologies. Don't build your business's web services on technologies that were created in the 90's! We offer future-proof solutions to deliver state of the art modern web development.

We use the latest innovations for web development to deliver truly modern websites and apps for our clients. Our projects are done with new and innovative frameworks such as Gatsby JS, Netlify and Contentful. Ikium will bring your business to the future.

Technologies we use

What is the JAMstack?

JAMstack is the modern architecture for developing static websites and apps. Ikium provides future-proof and elegant web development done with the JAMstack. You can read more about the JAMstack on our blog post about it.

  • Increased performance.
  • Better security
  • Easy scaling
  • Future-proof web services
  • Cost effective development and hosting

How static websites and the JAMstack will help your business to grow.

Static websites never crash, no matter how much traffic they get. By serving websites as static files from global Content Delivery Networks it is easy and efficient to build websites for high traffic marketing purposes. Ikium helps your company to build these kind of web projects that can withstand large amounts of targeted traffic.


Whether you are building from scratch or upgrading your outdated website, Ikium is your partner in bringing your business's web services to the next level.

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