Modern static websites and web apps

Future proof and supercharge your business's tech stack with the JAMstack architecture. We do modern static websites.

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What we do


Static websites and apps with Javascript, APIs and Markup.


Up to 10x faster static websites and apps by leveraging the latest web technologies. Ditch the dynamic and serve your website as pre-built static files.


Scale easily with a click of a button. Static websites and apps served from global CDNs that scale directly with your business.

The JAMstack way

JAMstack is the modern architecture that fits in the ever evolving modern world. Stay ahead of the competition by upgrading your business's tech stack to the modern age. Serve static websites and apps right from global CDNs to ensure almost 10x faster performance.

  • Up to 10x better performance
  • Better security
  • Scale easily
  • Future proof

Future proof your business's website

Static websites never crash. Don't be stuck in the past and build your website with the latest future proof technologies. Dynamic websites and monolithic frameworks are so 2000's. By going JAMstack you can ensure your website or app will be up to date with modern web development standards.

Scale past the competition

By leveraging the benefits of static websites and applications you can scale your business as you grow. Don't worry about costly server fees and high traffic on your website crashing the servers. Static websites can handle all the traffic you throw at them.

Let's make your website static.

Whether you are building from scratch or upgrading your outdated website, IKIUM will help you bring your business's web services to the next level. In additon to the JAMstack and static websites we also do various kinds of software and web development. Don't hesitate contacting us if you have any questions. We are more than happy to help.
What you get:
  • Increased performance
  • Better security
  • Easily scalable
  • Future proof
  • Cost effective to develop and host
  • Developer friendly


What is JAMstack and why it should be used?

This blog post covers the basics of the JAMstack architecture used to build modern, fast, scalable and safe static websites and web applications.

Max Ikäheimo 08 September 2019